The big bike market has been growing significantly the past five years. As of 2016, there are 23 big bike brands marketed in Indonesia.

Unlike the car market which has regular national events for each categories, ranging from city all the way to premium cars, events for motorcycles currently are not segmented.

While motorcycle users are very segmented between functional users and hobby communities, until today there is yet an event hosted for big bikes beyond the 400cc category.

This is where BIG REVV ID has a big opportunity to tap in.

BIG REVV ID is also aiming the perfect momentum to be launched early next year, in line with the new regulation for motorcycle driving license to be applied soon.

By year 2017 big bike users of 500 cc and beyond will need to apply for SIM C1 / C2 that will distinguish them from regular motorcycle users.

BIG REVV ID would serve as the opportunity to support the government in socializing this new regulation, hence getting the attention from many parties and communities having interests in big bike industry in Indonesia.

It is also our intention to hold BIG REVV ID in Q1 ANNUALLY.

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